Roux Bikes

Belt Drive Bicycle
The A8 and G8 belt drive bicycle specifications forman innovative part of the ‘quiet’ revolution, ushered in by Gates carbon belt drive. Carbon belt drive bikes have been growing in popularity over recent years and it’s no secret that carbon belt drives offer a superior, smooth, low maintenance and silent ride. (View all belt drive bicycles)
Cyclocross Bikes
All ROUX’s cyclocross bikes have been designed with exceptional performance in mind. Our cyclocross bikes UK are some of the best cyclocross bikes on the market. Cyclocross disc brakes feature on the Conquest 3500 specification and cyclocross cantilever brakes are part of our Conquest 2300 specification. (View all cyclocross bikes)
Road Bikes UK
ROUX’s innovative road bicycle designs, designed in house, from the ground up, are second to none! Ranging from: road racing bikes for speed and impact; to carbon frame road bikes for lightness and performance; to triathlon bikes worthy of their challenge; to traditional audax bikes with sturdy steel frames and finally to the R8 disc brake road bike, we excel in creative UK design expertise. (View all road bikes)
Touring Bikes
ROUX’s touring bikes offer a superb, comfortable and relaxed touring cycle experience. Our touring bikes are enhanced with recent innovations in component design making them the best in the touring cycles market. Our Etape 250 is a classic disc brake touring bike, whereas our Etape 150 touring cycle has light cantilever brakes for lightness and power braking. (View all touring bikes)
Tarmac Road Bikes
ROUX’s tarmac road bikes are fantastic for all sorts of riders, as they combine precise handling with a lightweight, mobile ride. (View all Tarmac Road bikes)