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Santa Claus Cycling

How many calories would Santa burn if he cycled?

Before we get into the meat or should I say Turkey of this blog, there are a few things we need to know before calculating the calorific burning of jolly old Saint Nick. How much does Santa weigh? We can estimate anywhere between 250-300 pounds so for [...]

5 Quirky Christmas Presents for Cyclists

Christmas can be tricky when it comes to buying presents for friends, family, or the person-you-barely-speak-to-but-got-for-Secret-Santa. It’s always the case that you forget instantly what any of these people you’ve known for years (or minutes in the case of the Secret Santa) like or do… …but [...]

What are the best cycling routes in the West Midlands?

It’s safe to say that cycling in the West Midlands is not only great exercise, but a feast for the eyes as well, with some amazing natural views. Birmingham alone has more canals than Venice, so you’ll be able to cycle around the city while [...]

5 innovative bike locks

5 innovative bike locks

Looking for the perfect bike is hassle enough but nowadays, that also comes the added stress of finding a functional bike lock. According to YellowJersey’s research, 376,000 bikes were stolen in 2013/14. That’s 1033 bikes stolen daily, 43 every hour and 1 every 84 seconds! This just goes [...]