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What are the best cycling routes in the West Midlands?

What are the best cycling routes in the West Midlands?

It’s safe to say that cycling in the West Midlands is not only great exercise, but a feast for the eyes as well, with some amazing natural views. Birmingham alone has more canals than Venice, so you’ll be able to cycle around the city while feeling in the countryside.

The West Midlands was once at the heart of the British cycling industry. At one point, there was the creation of complete bikes as well as bike parts. West Midland’s bike manufacturer Viking even created a bike called the Severn Valley.

Getting the most out of your bike means finding exciting places to cycle, as well as making sure you can make a day out of it too! Whether you’re out with your family or a lone-cycle, you’ll find the best cycling route for you.

Manifold and Hamps Trail – Staffordshire Peak District

This cycle trail used to be a narrow gauge railway, opened with the idea that it would be used by tourists and carry local freight. It ran close to the riverside in both Manifold and Hamps valleys, making for a picturesque trip.

The train line was only open for 30 years, but has now been reopened to the public. There is a small section shared with motor traffic, but the rest of your journey should be free of cars. There’s even a visitor centre you can stop at, at the old Hulme End station.

Severn Valley Country Park

The park is situated along the River Severn, between Bridgnorth and Bewdley. An excellent cycle ride for families, you’ll be treated to fantastic views, as well as Severn Valley Railway! There’s a play area for the kids once all the cycling has been done, plus a visitor’s centre to learn more about the history of Severn Trent.

Merritts Brook Greenway

This cycle path takes you on a rather sweet route. While starting your journey at Ley Hill Park (Bartley Green), you’ll then travel down to Bourneville Park, right next to Cadbury’s World! You can travel through some of Bourneville’s best parks and through the world renowned Bourneville estate.

After your long cycle, you can then stop and sample some of the world’s best chocolate, fresh from the source! It’s a win-win for cyclists and chocoholics alike!

Perry Hall Playing Fields

Get the chance to cycle alongside Birmingham’s largest river, the River Tame, alongside Perry Hall’s playing fields and green spaces. You’ll also be cycling alongside history, with the Gough family home located within the park. All that remains of this historical family’s home is the moat.

There’s also a heronry located nearby, so make your cycle trip a day trip and stop by and watch! Pack a picnic and enjoy the sights. There’s even a BMX track near for those who want more of an adrenaline rush!


Can you think of any other great cycling routes in the West Midlands? Let us know in the comments below!

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