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Roux Bikes are proudly a part of the government-backed Ride to Work Scheme, enabling anyone in employment to obtain a bike and any other associated accessories (such as helmet, lock, lights etc) at a hugely reduced price; savings are generally at least 25%, averaging at around 40%, with some able to save almost 50%. If your employer has signed up with Cyclescheme, then we can help with a quotation and supply you directly as we are a Cycle Scheme accredited partner. If they haven't signed up, then send them here to sign up. It's completely free of charge, so it shouldn't take much arm twisting. So, if you're interested, just use the contact form further down the page and we'll get you sorted as soon as possible! For more details regarding the scheme, check out our Cyclescheme FAQs ; they cover everything from who is entitled to using Cycle Scheme, payback/hiring periods, insurance, etc. You can also check out the following video for further info:

How much can I save? Cycle Scheme have set up a calculator which will give you a better idea of how much you'll be able to save by picking up a bike through them.Cyclescheme Website: Cycle Scheme The Dept for Transport website: Cycle to Work Scheme Get your Roux Cycle Scheme quote:

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