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Roux Test Results And Press Coverage 2013

The Independant

This smooth riding, carbon Kevlar belt driven model is leading the way in innovative road bike technology. The Roux G8 provides the ultimate in enjoyable, trouble free cycling.

The london cyclist

What’s instantly apparent is the Vercours R9 frameset is lightweight yet not too twitchy, as you find with some high end road bikes. The lightweight frame with carbon fork results in a smooth ride, feeling quick and responsive.


The Roux Etape 250 is one of the few disc brake equipped heavy duty tourers on the market. Superbly balanced and super confident ride, loaded or bare. Excellent build quality using a quality tubeset. Well thought through detailing. Very confident at both high and low speeds. Totally stable cornering at all times. Fully equipped long haul touring bikes with disc brakes are a rare breed at this price. If this is anything to go by, there’ll be a lot more of them about soon.

I haven’t ridden a better long haul tourer for much under£1000.

triathlon 220

The Vercors R7 offers a very composed ride, ideal for beginners trying to build their confidence on two wheels. Do it all practicality with race bike looks and the Vercors R7 definitely delivers both.

triathlon 220

The Vercors R9 is the top of the range road model a race/sportive bike with the look of an out and out podium finisher: a bike that quietly oozes confidence. When riding the R9 it becomes instantly apparent how stable and surefooted the frameset is and yet still lightweight. There are no gimmicks on a Roux bike, the drive train is balanced, a tried & tested set of components.

cycling active

The super stiff aluminium frame on the G8 really feels like its transforming all your effort into forward motion. This is the perfect machine for the commuter who wants quick, carefree transport. The biggest revelation is that it might be a perfect bike for a lot of other road cyclists, too. It’s possibly the most rewarding flat barred bike I’ve ever ridden on asphalt.